Our team is made of certified masters of different styles of both combat sports and traditional kung fu! They have created training programs especially for you that will guide you along the true path of the martial art of your choice.
Here with our team, you will find exclusive training programs for the study of traditional styles for all levels from beginner to expert! Science and knowledge. Skill and wisdom. These are all parts of the true traditional martial arts, the practice of which is based on survival.
Special training makes your body stronger than steel, fortifies the spirit, and shapes the will! This is the real tradition!
Thanks to the work of our trainers, many of the old techniques of traditional styles have been adapted to the realities of today.


Choose the best style for you from the directions below. You can start with combat sports training or step deeper into the philosophy and thought behind traditional martial arts. Or maybe you want to combine the principles of traditional style as applied to combat sports. Our training options are flexible enough to accommodate all individual programs based on your preferences.

Train like a fighter or choose the path of a warrior

Traditional kung-fu BAGUAZHANG

The most famous combatsport KICKBOXING

A very powerful Chinese combatsport that include a lot of tradition of martial arts WUSHU SANDA

The legendary tradition kung-fu Shaolin quan



Our team is comprised of top-notch professionals of martial arts, combat sports and fitness from all over the world.

Each of us is an expert in their own field. That’s why we decided to combine our knowledge in one unique project so that all of you could have a chance to find physical activity that suits you best, depending on your current skill and fitness level.

Each of you will find here useful methods for personal development or make a fresh start learning martial arts or participating in fitness programs with a chance to grow and reach master level.

We are here for you to help you become the best version of yourself that you have always dreamed of.