The unique style of bodyguards is one of the branches of inner kung fu - Baguazhang style or the palm of the eight trigrams.

Baguazhang style is an integral system, including hand-to-hand combat techniques, handling various types of traditional weapons. The main types of weapons are long two-handed swords, a spear, a pole, and of course, a unique type of dual blades - Bagua Deer Horn knives.

It doesn’t matter what level you are, baguazhang is a style where everyone will find an opportunity for growth.

Traditional techniques inherited and preserved for 5 generations. You will learn baguazhang directly from the official inheriter-keepers of the tradition.

Baguazhang is truly one of the most unique martial art systems.

if you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you start building your knowledge with this great course:

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Baguazhang, wushu sanda

Maksim Artichevsky


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