It is a type of combat sport that is part of the training in Wushu. The translation of this word means "free fighting". Wushu, as a system of warrior training of course, had its own methods of conducting such duels -

Master of kung fu and qigong, professional wushu sanda, kickboxing, K-1, fifth-generation keeper of the baguazhang style traditions, doctor of philosophy. Repeatedly trained in China under the guidance of Master Di Guoyong. Trained and certified at the Wudang Academy of

There is no ready-made path to dreams, you have to build it yourself! My name is Jarkko Jussila. I am the reigning World Champion in three different weight classes in kickboxing, Baltic Champion in professional boxing and Finnish Amateur Champion in

Many people are familiar with the word "Qigong" and have heard that the practice of Qigong is very useful. But what exactly are the benefits? - Not everyone can answer this question.  "What are the benefits of practicing Qigong?" In this

Master of Kung Fu and Qigong, fifth-generation custodian of the inner baguazhang style traditions, certified in China. Trained many times in China under the guidance of Master Di Guoyun, trained at the Wudang Martial Arts Academy. She is an expert

Baguazhang or the palm of eight trigrams is one of the three internal traditional Chinese martial arts styles. It is a unique style that stands out from many others. It cannot be confused with any other style. The visible distinguishing



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